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        Thirty-plus years before SCANDAL's "Olivia Pope" or HOW TO GET AWAY WITH MURDER's "Annalise Keating" -- or anybody was even thinking about BEING MARY JANE -- there was "DiDi Bannister," on the ABC soap opera EDGE OF NIGHT -- a smart and spirited young attorney who would set the standard for Network Television's smart and spirited professional African-American women characters who were to follow. I was also told by many young women that she was their inspiration to attend law school...I'd like to think that one of them was a young Michelle Robinson Obama!

        Thanks to EDGE OF NIGHT loyalists, the soap is experiencing a resurgence on the internet, with fans posting their treasured videotapes on YouTube and Facebook.  Thanks to these fans, I am now able to chronicle the love story of "Calvin & Didi," who  -- along with "Angie & Jessie" of ALL MY CHILDREN and "Ed & Carla" of ONE LIFE TO LIVE -- were one of the first Black super-couples on Daytime TV.  The following video tribute to their love story was put together by EON super fan Timmy Faraday.


EON Fans are THE BEST!!! A Big shoutout to Norman Fisher, another superfine who edited more than an hour's worth of clips for a two-part compilation of  "THE BEST OF DIDI BANNISTER" -- Click on the photos below of DiDi with her law partner Cliff and her lover Calvin to watch!


After Calvin (played by Irving Allen Lee) came THIS GUY...whom I played opposite for three seasons on HBO's first hit series, FIRST & 10, as his beat down, broke down, cheated-on wife.  I often wondered how much art imitated his real life in this show. In any case, there's a lot of interest in HIM, recently, because of a high profile documentary and an even higher profile, docu-drama...I also hear he's coming up for parole!

(Thanks go out again to, EON, superfan Timmy Farraday for putting together this montage and posting it on Facebook on "Flashback Friday!")


 With video clips supplied by David Frost, another EON super fan, you can continue your walk down memory lane with "CALVIN & DIDI" at the end of this SOAP OPERA DIGEST article.with favorited individual scenes. Enjoy!  Btw, there's tons more clips posted by fans on YouTube if you want to see more!