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"We're very nervous about adult sexuality...We have to laugh about our embarrassment with sex." - Prof. Linda Williams, UC-Berkeley

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" Natural sexuality is fundamental to building a genuine female identity." - Dr. Rachel Hillel


          Along with  graduating from Southern Illinois University with concentrations in Theater & Journalism and the Negro Ensemble Company theatrical training program in New York City, I'm also an honors grad of the Hypnosis Motivational Institute in Tarzana, CA, where I spent a year training to use hypnosis therapeutically. Cited by the State of California and named "Volunteer of the Year" by the Los Angeles Dept. of Children's Services for my work with at-risk youth, I use Milton Erickson’s teaching tales and humor to affect positive behavioral change. And  in 2017, AARP cited me as an Age Disruptor and featured me in their campaign:
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            I believe where lives intersect at the sharing of a story, new understanding and courage are fostered. It is a belief I infuse into my work as a performer and writer as well as a motivator. Storytelling (especially humorous stories) is the cornerstone for my performance art as Ginger uplift, empower and inspire women into snapping out of the trance that they (we) lose value with age, particularly when it comes to sexual viability.

             Like Ginger Peechee-Keane (who likens herself to being "The Tony Robbins of Mature Adult Sexuality"), I also do motivational speaking. Keynotes include:
  • The Chicago Dept. of Human Services
  • Executive Women International
  • Screen Actors Guild. 
Additionally, I've been  interviewed on the influence and impact of diversity in the media and have appeared on:
  • ABC’s Nightline
  • Tony Brown's Journal on PBS
And written essays for: 
I also contributed a humorous essay on mid-life dating and the practice of safe sex in Gil Robertson's heralded anthology on the HIV/AIDS crisis:  
On REAL TALK WITH REAL PEOPLE hosted by Art Sims, WVON Radio, Chicago